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Almond Horns

31 May

Someone I work with who shall remain nameless refers to these as “Toilet Seat Cookies..” My mom would not be impressed. Let’s call them almond horns…

These cookies have a bit of history: my mom found the recipe in an old  South African cookbook and made them often while she was living there. When my parents moved to Canada, she tweaked the recipe to fit our “crazy” measurement system here and she definitely takes credit for the result. Growing up, I remember her bringing them to social gatherings and the like; receiving nothing but compliments for the simple pleasures these little cookies bring. Making them still feels like a special occasion to me. Until they get referred to as toilet seat cookies.

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Blueberry Pop Tarts

29 May

Do you like Pop Tarts? Did you grow up eating them? Do you still eat them? Would you think less of me if I said I’ve only eaten Pop Tarts once at a friend’s house? Would you still believe me if I told you these put Pop Tarts to shame? Would you think it was weird if I told you that I once gave some to my personal trainer?

One of the rules in Michael Pollan’s Food Rules is “Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself. This is something I believe in, which is why I don’t buy any processed foods and I don’t eat cookies that come from a box. If you don’t want to make it yourself, then you can’t have it! Plain and simple. That’s my two cents anyway.

So I give you homemade Pop Tarts. The first time I made these, I used pumpkin. And spices. And maple brown butter icing (No big deal). This time, however, I decided to try a blueberry filling instead and I must say the result was highly addictive.

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Apples. Cheddar. Maple. Enough said.

26 May

Back in my high school days, I was known amongst my friends as the bring-er of good treats. I liked this responsibility and made sure that I did not disappoint. One day, we were getting together and I decided that some muffins would be appropriate. Some muffins that they would not expect. I flipped through my mother’s Robin Hood flour cookbook and found apple cheddar date muffins. WHAT?!?!? This was too much for my 16 year old self to handle. Perfect. I left out the dates and made them with that familiar brick or bright orange extra old cheddar my mom is always guaranteed to have on hand and plucked the last granny smith apple from our fruit bowl.

These muffins blew all of our minds.

I’ve made these time and time again, including when my high school clan came down to visit me (so nice!)

I’ve changed a few things over the years, like using a little whole wheat flour to make them a little more substantial, using a good quality cheddar and substituting maple syrup for white sugar. Win.

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Chocolate Spice Pull Apart Bread

25 May

I like bread. There. I said it.

Make me a sandwich, and I’ll probably want to hug you. And dessert afterwards? Let’s get married. Now, combine bread AND dessert together? Oh baby…

When I saw this recipe for a cinnamon pull apart bread, I almost peed.

I obviously made it immediately. The results? Wellll, I had a few problems, but it was amazing. Determined to achieve perfection, I made it again and made a few changes along the way….as usual.

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24 May

Hello, and welcome to Shamecake!

Feel free to look around. Inspect every nook and cranny if you wish. Check for dust….

We are still getting into the swing of things and feeling out this whole blogging thing. Well at least I am; Cait is already a pro. No biggie. What I’m really asking for is a little understanding.

So when you ask “why are there no pictures in the section about us?” just understand that they are on their way. I’m getting myself camera ready. Dealing with this hair of mine. Buying that perfect outfit that’ll make my wooden spoon look good. “Why are the posts riddled with punctuation and grammatical errors?” I have been out of school for long enough to be a little rusty. Feel free to call me on any mistakes; I know I would do the same if roles were reversed.

Check back tomorrow for a new post! It involves more chocolate. It involves bread. They are combined somehow. That’s all I’m saying.


Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

24 May

Let me tell you a story; it’s a good one, I promise:

I post baking related status updates on facebook all the time. One day, while dipping a chocolate cashew cookie into a glass of milk I wanted to confess my love for the chocolate chip cookie. My status simply read:

“Fabiola is addicted to chocolate chip cookies.”

Minutes later, my lovely friend posted a link to 101 cookbooks and simply said “look!!!!” The recipe was from a cookbook that I’ve wanted to buy for ages but have been too cheap to make it happen. This recipe combined two things I love; chocolate chip cookies and my favourite cast iron skillet. I can’t live without either of them. True story!

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