24 May

Hello, and welcome to Shamecake!

Feel free to look around. Inspect every nook and cranny if you wish. Check for dust….

We are still getting into the swing of things and feeling out this whole blogging thing. Well at least I am; Cait is already a pro. No biggie. What I’m really asking for is a little understanding.

So when you ask “why are there no pictures in the section about us?” just understand that they are on their way. I’m getting myself camera ready. Dealing with this hair of mine. Buying that perfect outfit that’ll make my wooden spoon look good. “Why are the posts riddled with punctuation and grammatical errors?” I have been out of school for long enough to be a little rusty. Feel free to call me on any mistakes; I know I would do the same if roles were reversed.

Check back tomorrow for a new post! It involves more chocolate. It involves bread. They are combined somehow. That’s all I’m saying.



2 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. michelle May 24, 2011 at 9:34 pm #

    you are on my favorites list!!!
    the photos are beautifull

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