Cucumber-Mint Sorbet

26 Jul

Well folks…

I’m so glad that the Fabi that went to the garden centre a couple of months ago, looked at the cucumber plants and thought: “hmmmm…I’ll pass.”

It seems that everyone this year has an abundance of cucumbers. They’re getting thrown at me left right and centre. I like cucumbers. But not THAT much. Solution? I COULD make pickles, I COULD make cold cucumber soup (my mom has a killer recipe)….but I’d rather make dessert. Story of my life. August’s farmer Marc even asked me to make a dessert out of them; it was meant to be.

Cucumber-Mint Sorbet. Refreshing, super easy and super tasty. It was definitely the right choice. At least it felt like the right choice, as I had a couple of scoops last night for dinner in hopes that my sweat mustache would go away. What? Yeah, I went there. Sexy.

I have no air conditioning and I bake in a kitchen with no hood vent. I think I have an excuse there.

I’m also trying to redeem myself for shoving minty high fat dairy products in your face yesterday. See? Ying AND the Yang. I’m good.

Do you really need to see the process?

Well, there’s nothing to it.

I processed fresh, peeled cucumbers…

Made a simple syrup with fresh mint and vanilla bean…

Combined the two, put it through a strainer…chilled it…

Ice cream maker-ed it….

Phew. Wipe off your sweat mustache and have a bowl. Oh come on…I can’t be the only one.

Cucumber-Mint Sorbet

4lbs peeled chopped cucumbers

2 tbsp lemon juice

2/3 cup organic cane sugar (you can use regular…)

2/3 cup water

A couple sprigs of fresh mint. Do you need some? I have SO much in my garden.

1/2 vanilla bean (or a splash of extract will do just fine)

Puree cucumbers with lemon juice in food processor.

In a small saucepan, heat the sugar and water together until sugar dissolves. Add the mint and vanilla, and let the syrup steep for 10ish minutes off the heat.

Pour the syrup into the cucumber mixture, and then pass through a strainer.

Chill this mix for about 4 hours, or until nice and cold.

Put in ice cream maker until frozen, then transfer to a container and pop in the freezer for a spell.



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