Plain ol’ Applesauce

12 Aug

Um…so…I made applesauce.

I had some Lodi apples come into my possession recently. Don’t ask where they’re from….let’s just say I know people. I know people that can hook me up with some early season apples.

These apples are only good for one thing, really..


Confession: I’ve never made applesauce before. Is that bad?

I felt this was the perfect opportunity to experience another cooking first. As it turns out, making applesauce is extremely easy. Obnoxiously so.

This post is mostly just to show off the fact that I had apples and I made applesauce. Not to give you a recipe for applesauce. No biggie.

I didn’t even have to peel them. Isn’t that crazy?

Chop, core, and place in a pot with some water.

Apples: Meet cinnamon stick.

Cinnamon: Meet apples. You should be friends.

That’s pretty much where it ends.

The final result? It was mush. Delicious and naturally sweet apple mush.

I must say that the feeling of making your own applesauce, no matter how easy it may be, is rather satisfying. When I used it to make those vegan cookies, it felt that much more awesome.

So here you have it: Applesauce.


Clear skin apples, cored and chopped

1 cinnamon stick


Place apples in a pot with enough water to cover the bottom of the pot so that they don’t cook dry. Add the cinnamon stick, cover, and cook until tender. The skins will dissolve, but if you wish, puree the apples after they are done.

Add sugar if you like, but I tend to prefer my applesauce without added sugar.


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