Chocolate-Stuffed Cookie, Take 1

15 Nov

So there’s a lot of talk about cookies stuffed with crazy things.

I’ve seen it all over the internet and beyond….

All the pictures I’ve seen kinda make me drool. A lot.

I guess the only solution was to try my hand at a stuffed cookie.

All I had on hand was leftover chocolate ganache from icing those lovely pear cupcakes I made….remember those?

I made a basic recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough, except left the chocolate chips out.

Scooped the dough into balls, flattened said balls, and placed a single scoop of chilled ganache goodness in the centre. Topped it with another flattened cookie ball, and pressed them together. I made the three of them a family.

Chilled those guys for about 20 minutes….

Placed them in the oven and waited patiently.

They came out all unsuspicious and ho-hum looking.

They could have gone undercover; could have been secret agent cookies.

*Side note* I totally just got pumpkin batter all over my keyboard. No laptop while baking. Lesson learned.

Pumpkin batter, you say? Well….stay tuned.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, secret agent cookies. Normal cookies. You take a bite. BAM! Chocolate. In the centre.

Try it! You can make secret surprise cookies too.

Just take your favourite cookie dough recipe, and stuff it with something amazing.

I may or may not attempt to stuff mine with other goodies now that I’m addicted. Stay tuned for this as well.


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