Don’t Make These Donuts

15 Dec

So I bought myself a donut pan for my birthday. (Which is today….by the way….no big deal!) How awesome is it to get a box of goodies in front of your door from none other than yourself! Happy birthday me!

I tried to make some super yummy chocolate cake donuts like the ones you get at Tim Hortons…

They looked pretty darned good.

They tasted….bleh.

I tried again: This time I tried to make chocolate yeasted donuts, I figured they’d be more authentic tasting and delicious.

The taste was ALMOST there. But I totally messed up and didn’t account for the rising in the oven. I should have cut the donut holes bigger….

I may or may not have collapsed with laughter while pulling these out of the oven.


What I’m saying, is that I’ve been working on chocolate candy cane donuts and I haven’t succeeded just yet but succeed I will.

You just sit tight. Have some coffee.

I got this.



One Response to “Don’t Make These Donuts”

  1. Maurice Ibgui December 15, 2011 at 8:13 am #

    first off happy birthday. second, you do know hanukkah is right around the corner so doughnuts are very apropos. if you need a good recipe just holler. :)

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