20 Apr


I want to talk about my to do list. The one that I’ve had for months now….the one that just kinda sits there on the fridge inconspicuously next to my “Safety is hot!” magnet and the cartoon mushroom variety chart.

The to do list is that list of things I know I have to get done but the level of urgency is so low that I always end up convincing myself that watching the latest episode of (insert name of show I watch in shame)  is waaaaay more important. And so it goes. For weeks.

You’re probably wondering what the heck is on that list? Oh, its mostly little things..

Hang that large picture of a cow with a neon green background I couldn’t help buying at Ikea.

Organize cardboard mountain sitting outside on my porch.

Deal with the spare change….everywhere.

Clean out and back up my computer.

Sometimes I start the day with the best of intentions…I tell myself I’ll cross one of those bad boys off the list, but then I go and make something like focaccia bread.


Oh well. Worth it.


I make this bread all the time at work. I don’t even want to try and figure out how many times I’ve made it in the 5 years I’ve been there…but let’s just say I know my way around this bread. We’re pretty good pals. Making it at home (downsized!) is an easy way to have fresh bread with little fuss. It is perfect for serious sandwiches, bruschetta, and such.

It’s a dangerously easy path to warm yummy goodness. Sold?

Here you go,

August Restaurant’s Focaccia

1 1/2 cups warm water

1 tbsp yeast

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp olive oil

2 tsp sugar

1 lb all purpose flour (I’ve used whole wheat before with the BEST results)

2 tsp salt

Mix the water, yeast, honey, olive oil and sugar in a bowl. Let sit until yeast is nice and foamy (10ish minutes)

Add in the flour and salt, and stir by hand or if you have a stand mixer you can use the dough hook (you lucky bastard) for about 3 minutes. The dough will be quite sticky.

Let it rise in a warm place until doubled in size for about 30 minutes.

Transfer to an oiled pan, preheat your oven to 475F, and let rise again for 15-20 minutes.

Poke holes in the top with your fingers, sprinkle with some coarse sea salt and herbs, and throw that jiggly mound of dough in the oven! Bake until it’s nicely browned.

Do not eat immediately – it will result in your consuming way more than you intended. Unless that was your intention…then eat while still warm and beware.


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