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Apples. Cheddar. Maple. Enough said.

26 May

Back in my high school days, I was known amongst my friends as the bring-er of good treats. I liked this responsibility and made sure that I did not disappoint. One day, we were getting together and I decided that some muffins would be appropriate. Some muffins that they would not expect. I flipped through my mother’s Robin Hood flour cookbook and found apple cheddar date muffins. WHAT?!?!? This was too much for my 16 year old self to handle. Perfect. I left out the dates and made them with that familiar brick or bright orange extra old cheddar my mom is always guaranteed to have on hand and plucked the last granny smith apple from our fruit bowl.

These muffins blew all of our minds.

I’ve made these time and time again, including when my high school clan came down to visit me (so nice!)

I’ve changed a few things over the years, like using a little whole wheat flour to make them a little more substantial, using a good quality cheddar and substituting maple syrup for white sugar. Win.

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