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Guest Post: Marinated Mushroom Bruschetta

25 Apr

I know it’s hard to believe, but I eat more than just delectable sweets. Savoury items do appear in my kitchen on a daily basis. Does this mushroom bruschetta tickle your fancy? Check out my guest post on Mushrooms Canada for the recipe and more for all your mushroom needs…



Birthday Cake Promise

2 Nov


Today is the birthday of someone special.

She’s the quirkiest girl I know. Unforgivingly pessimistic and childish. She doesn’t like boys yet. She used to be obcessed with Hello-Kitty. She talks funny sometimes, says “um” a lot…pronounces words the wrong way sometimes like “palm-o-live” and “lotto.” She answers the phone by saying “allu?” She has neon pink pants and a bright baby blue winter jacket that sometimes get worn at the same time. I’ve watched her trip over her own boots on several occasions. She has pretty hair.

She’s also the kindest person I know. The hardest working. The most generous. The best friend a person could ask for. My best friend.


We have known each other for way too long. She has seen way too much. She knows me way too well. I’m surprisingly ok with this: She’s like family!

So as I was saying, today is her birthday. Unfortunately she has to live too far away for me to be there for her special day. I feel bad. I feel bad that I didn’t mail her present yet, or send her cookies by mail like last year.

That’s why for now, I’m giving her a birthday promise. The promise that when I see her next and we actually get to celebrate her birthday for realsies….I’m going to bake her something special. I’m going to bake her something that makes her know how crazy awesome she is. I’m going to step out of my comfort zone for her, and bake her a cake!

Lynn, Happy Birthday! I’m gonna bake you THIS cake.


24 May

Hello, and welcome to Shamecake!

Feel free to look around. Inspect every nook and cranny if you wish. Check for dust….

We are still getting into the swing of things and feeling out this whole blogging thing. Well at least I am; Cait is already a pro. No biggie. What I’m really asking for is a little understanding.

So when you ask “why are there no pictures in the section about us?” just understand┬áthat they are on their way. I’m getting myself camera ready. Dealing with this hair of mine. Buying that perfect outfit that’ll make my wooden spoon look good. “Why are the posts riddled with punctuation and grammatical errors?” I have been out of school for long enough to be a little rusty. Feel free to call me on any mistakes; I know I would do the same if roles were reversed.

Check back tomorrow for a new post! It involves more chocolate. It involves bread. They are combined somehow. That’s all I’m saying.